How Birds are Superior than Humans in Sleeping

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Birds are superior than humans in sleeping because they can sleep and fly but humans can’t sleep and walk or doing some other activity at same time.

Only a small bird at first glance

Humans use both brain hemispheres for sleeping, while birds use only one hemisphere for sleeping and second hemisphere use for flying. Human body is blocked by sleeping, while birds body continues to function.

Interesting is when birds gather in the flock which is in line, all birds will use all hemispheres for sleeping except birds “guardians” whose positions are at the ends of the line and they will use only one hemisphere and one eye. Left guardian will look with left eye and right guarding will look with right eye. If left eye is opened then right hemisphere will be awake and vice versa. At some moment birds “guardians” will rotate for 180° and it will switch to second hemisphere and eye to rest used hemisphere and eye.

How world would be changed if humans would be able to sleep with only one hemisphere and second hemisphere to use for normal activities?

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